The Mediation Tribunal Association (MTA) is the selected provider of case evaluation services under Michigan Court Rule 2.403 for Wayne County Circuit Court, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, and many other local district courts in Wayne County. The MTA has provided the case evaluation services for Wayne County Circuit Court since 1979. In 2015, MTA evaluated 6,729 cases through an approved list of over 1500 evaluators, making MTA the largest provider of court-mandated case evaluation services in the state.

The MTA also maintains the list of approved general civil and domestic relations mediators pursuant to Wayne County Circuit Court’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Plan (Local Administrative Order 2004-14). The link to the MTA case database will allow attorneys and pro se litigants to access case information, upload documents such as summaries (with a $10 convenience fee) and orders, respond to awards, check-in for case evaluation, and pay case evaluation fees.

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