About Us

The Mediation Tribunal Association, Inc. (MTA) is a non-profit corporation that provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services under Michigan Court Rules MCR 2.403, MCR 2.404, MCR 2.410, MCR 2.411, and MCR 3.216.

MTA serves the Third Judicial Circuit Court, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, and many other local district courts in Wayne County. The agency was incorporated in 1979 by Judge Richard Dunn, who at the time was the Chief Judge of Third Circuit Court, and attorneys Sheldon L. Miller and Samuel A. Garzia. MTA is currently led by its Executive Director, Lisa W. Timmons, Esq., who also serves as the ADR Clerk of the Third Circuit Court, and is governed by its Board of Directors.

Lisa W. Timmons, Esq.
Executive Director
Mediation Tribunal Association, Inc.
333 West Fort Street, Suite 1500
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 224-5606
Fax: (313) 967-3623

Board of Directors

Board Chairperson
Hon. Kathleen Macdonald
Gerald H. Acker, Esq.
Timothy P. Brady, Esq.
Hon. Gershwin A. Drain
Hon. Edward Ewell, Jr.
Hon. Patricia P. Fresard
Hon. Timothy M. Kenny
Hon. Kathleen M. McCarthy
General Counsel
Sheldon L. Miller, Esq.